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Puddle Popper, inkjet on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta paper, 11″ x 14″, 2017.


Puddle Popper, inkjet on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta paper, 11″ x 14″, 2017.

Puddle Popper is a collective that recently exhibited in the Main Space with TNG.  To learn more about this print, click here: http://www.thenewgallery.org/cream-fundraiser/

“PUDDLE POPPER is an artist collective formed in 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada by artists Sarah Davidson, Juli Majer, Sonja Ratkay and Melanie Thibodeau. Through merging of forms, Puddle Popper creates a set-like world featuring invented beings, humanoids, tentacles and unreadable text. Puddle Popper slips through realities towards our desires, passing between description, invention and idealization to wiggle around truths. Appendages transform. Colour is revised. Portals open up, limbs are put part way through, and then all the way through, and new bodies are observed and created.

Sarah Davidson’s practice aligns feminism, environmentalism, and craft. Drawing from both Pattern and Decoration painting and natural history illustration, she uses fragments as both symbols and characters in her work. Her past fragmentary explorations have drawn together crazy quilts, comics, and children’s natural history books.

Juli Majer is a visual artist from Vancouver whose practice comprises drawing, ceramics, sculpture, installation, performance, comics and publishing. She is interested in conveying hyper-polarized psychological and emotional states, which she often mediates through narrative imagery of mysticism and myth, symbolism and snakes, gods and aliens. She teeters on the precipice of a dense and opaque wormhole, pursuing visceral abstractions, inarticulate textures, and peculiar, somatic modes of existence.

Sonja Ratkay is an interdisciplinary artist, poet and researcher. Through reliefs, diagram-like drawings and immersive installations that articulate melancholy logics, she explores how living beings constitute ideas, as well as how ideas manifest in a society. She explores topics of intuition, mood, states of being, and environmental triggers which lead to psychological transformation.

Melanie Thibodeau is a queer non-binary artist whose practice explores the strangeness of having/living in a body. They navigate this strangeness through soft, tactile sculptures often reminiscent of living beings. Ongoing themes in their work deal with nostalgia and loss, childhood, comfort/discomfort, & politics surrounding gender, BDSM, and sexuality.”

To learn more about the collective, click here: https://www.puddlepopper.com/

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